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Pokemon Sunset is a Pokemon Mystery Dungeon RPG. You Roleplay in a Land called Symphonia.
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PostSubject: Learn about the guilds   Learn about the guilds I_icon_minitimeSun Aug 29, 2010 9:27 pm

Slaking's Guild

Slaking's Guild has many pokémon. It has been the best and strongest guild in the whole land of Symphonia! Slaking, the leader, may be lazy and tired, however, It has proven to be a massive powerhouse even if he's not the combat master. He can pack a punch so you don't want him to get angry. Next member is Lickilicky, he both item specialist and the chef. He cooks everything in this guild, meaning he has a lot of work to cook all of pokémon in this guild food. He may have a great taste for food, but don't get distracted once he cooks for you. Especially if your the enemy. He would put something poisonous and it's so camouflage you won't tell! Lickilicky is also the best cook in the whole symphonian history! Last member is Luxray, she is the strictest of them all. She won't back down for a second and like all luxrays, she has X-ray vision so she would know if you have completed the mission or not! She takes her job very seriously. Slaking's guild is meant for all good people, meaning good missions like; Rescue Missions, Outlaw missions, Escort Missions, Pokenapped Missions and team rescue Missions. The guild is still thinking about what other missions they could take on.
Arbok's Guild

Arbok's Guild, a guild with all of these evil pokémon. They may be the weakest guild here but they are very secretive, deadly and vicious. The leader Arbok would be one of the most evilest pokémon here. He is never lazy, he's picky, greedy and demands attention for anything. If you don't do what he ask, your probably done for! Next member: Toxicroak. A very pranksterish pokémon. He would trick everyone, what's worst?: He makes the food! Once, on april fools, instead of pokémon food, he exchange the newbies food supplies into rocks! But he is still a pretty good cook, top 10 best cook in the land of symphonia. Last member was weezing. Not your ordinary combat master now isn't he? He is very useful and after doing something bad, he would explode so they would think he's dead and the prey would just run away. Even if he's still alive. They aren't really a good choice for good pokémon to join this guild. They have missions like: Rescue Missions, Stealing Missions, Defeat Rescue Team Missions and race for reward missions. They might even have more evil deeds in stock!
Articios' Guild

Last but not least, Articios' Guild. They may have good pokémon but the people there are dead serious and work for good. But they're not all that soft and friendly, they would make sure your a good pokémon before you even enter this place! They're the second strongest but don't think they're out for the count yet. Wait till you have met the members: The leader is Dragonite. Dragonite's nickname is Articios. Articios is not a lax pokémon. He wants everything done right here and right now. He may be demanding, but he's very sensitive. Never let's his guard down and that's final. Next member is a Flygon. She is the kindest of the whole guild. Sensitive, creative and never harsh. But she can be serious if it's needed. She is a very good cook, top five in fact. Collecting food and items was certainly her specialty. Last member but not least is Garchomp. The fiercest member in the guild. He can be harsh, demanding, vital and aggressive but deep down he's a normal pokémon who cares for others. That's why he became the combat master for the guild. This guild is alright for serious members who are kind and willing to work hard. The missions are like: Rescue Missions, Outlaw Missions, Escort Missions, Info Missions and maybe even more!
Any questions PM Me
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Learn about the guilds
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Learn about the guilds I_vote_lcapLearn about the guilds I_voting_barLearn about the guilds I_vote_rcap 
Learn about the guilds I_vote_lcapLearn about the guilds I_voting_barLearn about the guilds I_vote_rcap 
Learn about the guilds I_vote_lcapLearn about the guilds I_voting_barLearn about the guilds I_vote_rcap 
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