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Pokemon Sunset is a Pokemon Mystery Dungeon RPG. You Roleplay in a Land called Symphonia.
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 Basic Intro [PW]

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PostSubject: Basic Intro [PW]   Wed Sep 08, 2010 10:57 pm

This is a basic intro about pokémon Warriors. It's a bit like the book warriors cats, but I never read it so not exactly like Warriors. You all start as as a pokémon who has only one evolution (Example: Eevee, Shieldon) (You can have a recolored pokémon) and there are many clans. Fight against the clans and have pride. Here the info on the clans. You level up and you can't evolve until your training is done.

Tanius Clan
This clan works for good, they are basically a clan who will defend their territory at all cost. The clan's territory is in the mountains. They are very territorial. It takes three normal days (24 hours each day) to start training.
(( Special Ability: If born here, can be unnaturally fast. (Almost invisible)))

pokémons who have joined the clan:

Dinik Clan
Not a very territorial clan, this clan is very kind hearted but more protective to the clan members than the clan itself. They would try their best not to lose any members. A very honest but noble clan. The clan's territory is the rivers near the mountains and forest. It takes 5 normal days (24 hours each day) to start training.
(( Special ability: If born here, can breathe underwater. Even if evolved into a fire type.))

pokémons who have joined the clan:

Eros Clan
A clan who is all out. They don't care if a lot of teammates are sacrificed, they only care about victory against all matches. All of the trainees are in harsh training. It takes only one day to start training. (Only 24 hours) The clan lives in the wild opened land area with lots of barriers surrounding it.
((Special Ability: If born here, has X-ray visions. (But needs to be trained well to fully obtain the X-ray ability.)))

pokémons who have join the clan:

Neon Clan
A clan who is very risky but very protective and kind. They would protect the eevees at all cost, and try whatever they can to beat the opposing opponent. It takes four normal days to start training. (One day is 24 hours) The clan lives deep down inside a forest, near the open plains and river.
((Special ability: Boosted abilities like can jump high, run very fast (Not even close to be as fast as people who are born in the clan that has the ability to run very fast) and more boosted stats. No powers or anything.))

pokémons who have joined the clan:

Heres the short template. Please relax and have fun!
pokémon Name: Name of the pokémon you'll be playing as.
Name: Your own name. Keep in mind, you HAVE to have a nickname for the pokémon your using. Cause the last syllable of the pokémon you are's name will be added at the end of your name. (For example, pretend your name is Jacob. Your pokémon is a Hippopotas. You will be refered as Jacobtas.)
Gender: Male or female (Boy or girl)
Appearance: Descriptive or sprite. Your pokémon can be recolored.
Clan: What clan your pokémon is in.
Clan born in: Which clan your pokémon is born in.
Personality: The attitude of your pokémon.
History: History of the pokémon. Actually is kind of optional.

pokémon Name:
Clan born in:

Oh and, here a whole list of pokémon that only have one evolution. Click on the spoiler then on Ctrl and F at the same time then type in the pokémon's name. There you can find if it's on the list or not. If not, you can't use the pokémon in pokémon Warriors.

Also, here's another extra, this is the 'rank' for you:

pokémon Sunset
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PostSubject: Re: Basic Intro [PW]   Sat Jan 15, 2011 11:46 pm

Quote :
How do I join a clan? Or is it all up to me?
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PostSubject: Re: Basic Intro [PW]   Sun Jan 16, 2011 11:10 am

Healer of Plants:
pokémon Name: Ekans
Name: Orochimaru
Gender: Male
Appearance: primary color Violet, underbelly color Indigo
Clan: Dinik
Clan born in: Dinik
Personality: has Autism, cares a lot for close friends, easily loses focus unintentionally, will obey certain orders without question.
History: After losing his mother to a battle, Orochimaru was determined to prevent others in his clan from sharing such a tragedy.
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PostSubject: Re: Basic Intro [PW]   

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Basic Intro [PW]
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