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Pokemon Sunset is a Pokemon Mystery Dungeon RPG. You Roleplay in a Land called Symphonia.
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Welcome to Pokemon Sunset!

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 Plusle and Minun's shop

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PostSubject: Plusle and Minun's shop   Sun Jul 04, 2010 11:38 pm

Welcome to Plusle and Minun's shop! What can we give you?

Plusle's side of the shop:

Oran Berry: 50 pokedollars
Oran Berry: 50 pokedollars
Reviver Seed: 800 pokedollars
Pecha Berry: 25 pokedollars
Apple: 15 pokedollars
Apple: 15 pokedollars
Blast Seed: 50 pokedollars

Minun's side of the shop:

Petrify Orb: 300 pokedollars
Blowback Orb: 300 pokedollars
Scanner Orb: 300 pokedollars
See-Trap Orb: 300 pokedollars
Shocker Orb: 300 pokedollars
Warp Orb: 300 pokedollars
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Plusle and Minun's shop
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